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Greetings, my friend! :raised_hands:


I am Yukun Li, Gen Y from Central China. Studying for my PhD at Northeast China right now :artificial_satellite:

愿你从这里获得灵感 :bulb:

Wish you touch a spark of inspiration :bulb:

May the force be with you :pray:

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This blog uses theme TeXt.

TeXt 是针对个人或团队网站、博客、项目、文档等的一款高度可定制的 Jekyll 主题。它参考了 iOS 11 的风格,有大而突出的标题和圆润的按钮及卡片。

TeXt is a super customizable Jekyll theme for personal site, team site, blog, project, documentation, etc. Similar to iOS 11 style, it has large and prominent titles, round buttons and cards.

此主题是由国人Tian Qi为自己的博客而制作的。关于安装和设置说明以及源代码详见kitian616/jekyll-TeXt-theme

This theme is created by Tian Qi for his blog. Refer to kitian616/jekyll-TeXt-theme for further instructions.

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